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"I don't get paid for hard work,

  I get paid for results."


I believe it when I hear the saying: "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." I used to wonder how some new agents would get a multi-million dollar listing instead me (especially when I had more experience and formal education than them.) Then, I learned that it was best just to understand people and their needs, and focus on giving them what they want and not what I thought they wanted. My experience and education just help me to keep clients from making an unwise real estate purchase. My personality and ability to listen to people's needs allow me to achieve my client's goals. The net result is a happy customer that continues to work with me on multiple sales and purchases. I'd say that's a GREAT plan!!! Come work with me on your next Real Estate Sale or Purchase, and you'll see why all my past customers are so satisfied.



I was born in Milwaukee, WI. When I was almost seven years old, my family moved to Salt Lake City, where we lived until I was about 12. After there, my family moved to a tiny town just south of Green Bay, WI (Mishicot, WI). The last move I made with my family was down to Florida. We moved to a town called Navarre, between Pensacola, FL, and Destin, FL. After graduating high school from Navarre, I moved to Santa Rosa Beach, FL and started my Real Estate career.

Shortly after earning my FL Real Estate License, I moved to Orlando, FL. It was there that I started in Multi-Family property leasing. As an award-winning leasing consultant, I began teaching courses in Sales & Marketing. From there, I moved into Luxury Real Estate (I've always had a passion for Luxury Real Estate. Since I was young, I loved going to look at huge properties along the mountain side with my grandma.)

I had gotten to a point in my career that I decided if I were ever to want to move up the corporate ladder with an international brokerage, I'd have to have a degree. So, I moved to Pensacola, FL and started school. While attending school, I also worked as a Director of Marketing for a commercial real estate brokerage.

Once I graduated college, I moved back to South Walton and started back into Luxury Real Estate. Ever since I left this area, I'd always talked about coming back. Out of all the places I've lived or had houses, South Walton and Destin have always seemed like home to me. I'm glad I get to live in such a beautiful place and work with some amazing properties.

"Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life." - Confucius 


Allow me to help you discover the best route to market and sell your home.

I love talking about 30A and South Walton Real Estate, so feel free to just call or text me: +1 (850) 499-2239 (iPhone)