Adam J. Stahura is a Real Estate Coach and Broker based at in New Orleans, LA. He is a top producer and a recognized leader with high integrity and a track record of business success. Stahura takes a results-oriented approach to goals and thrives in helping others achieve their goals. He has developed programs, tools, and resources to that build the careers of agents looking for a higher-level of leverage and support in lead generation. His coaching, in a one-on-one or group coaching sessions, focus on

  • acquiring business,
  • managing relationships,
  • accountability,
  • impactful systems, and
  • celebrating success through others.

Stahura is licensed as a Real Estate Broker in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. He is active as a Broker and Coach at Christian Shane Properties (a subsidiary of Christian Shane International.) He is also holds a license as a Real Estate Instructor with the state of Florida and has published Continuing Education courses for Real Estate.

Licensed in Real Estate Since 2006

My first goal is to make people happy and have fun. I love what I do, and I love to help people accomplish their goals. In the end, we all win!

All aspects of Real Estate intrigue me. I learn more and more everyday, and hope I always keep learning. The different ideas and creative solutions are what keep me going. In my mind, when people tell me "no" I just take it as a "not right now" or "not under those terms". This is where the magic happens. The negotiations start, and the art of crafting the perfect deal begins.

It feels good to become emotionally involved in a deal. Being in Real Estate sales is like being an actor, and my clients are the role I'm playing. I get into character and act as if it were my money, and what "I'd" want out of "my" property. This is how all of my clients end up happy.


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