Complimentary Property Valuation

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Simply enter your property address and email to have your valuation sent to your inbox. There is no commitment or hassle, just valuable information from an educated and experienced luxury real estate professional.


I appreciate you visiting my Luxury Real Estate website. When it comes to selling properties along 30A, South Walton, and Destin, there is no other Real Estate Brokerage that sells more real estate than Keller Williams Realty. Please allow me to share with you how I can successfully sell your property for more money and in less time than any other Luxury Real Estate Brokerage.  

ADAM J. STAHURA - Broker Associate, Keller Williams Realty

Get A Complimentary Valuation Now

Even if you're not currently in the market in the market to sell your property, it's still important to understand the fair market value of your property.

What Isn't An Accurate Valuation?

Here's What You'll Learn

What You Paid

The value of a property constantly changes. What a property was worth a year ago might be worth double now. Whereas, other properties might now be free to a good home. Prices are on the rise, and some people are surprised to see their current value.

What You Need

Some people need a specific amount to cover the debt on the property. Some might need a specific amount to get into another property. Whatever the case, this isn't the determining factor of what the home is actually worth.

What You Want

If we all got what we wanted, everyone would have multi-billion dollar properties. Many times what people want isn't always what the get. But in some cases, they end up getting more! Don't sell yourself short and leave money on the table.

The Cost To Rebuild

Knowing the cost to build is good information, but it's still not an accurate representation of what the current market is willing to bear for a constructed property. There are ways to determine value based on the cost to build, but it's not always the best way to find the value of a property.

What The Neighbor Says

Just because Wilson on the other side of the fence said your property is valuable doesn't mean it's priceless. He may just want it to be worth a lot so his will be worth it too. Or, he might shoot low so it sells in an hour (maybe he isn't so neighborly after all.)

What Other Agents Say

There are thousands of new agents in the market, and some of them will say just about anything to get just one listing. Ensure you work with a Real Estate Agent that is educated, experienced, and understands the market and conditions.

What You CAN Expect

An in-depth report discussing the current market value of your property. The valuation report will be created specifically for your property and written by ADAM J. STAHURA. He has been licensed in Real Estate since 2006. He's a Licensed Real Estate Broker and a Licensed Real Estate Instructor. Not only does he write valuation reports, but he educates other agents on how to correctly value properties.

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Request A Property Valuation

A complimentary property valuation will help elevate the guesswork and provide you an accurate representation of what your property would be worth in today's market.

A property valuation is not an agreement for a brokerage relationship. If your property is currently listed with a brokerage, this is not a solicitation for a listing. ADAM J. STAHURA is a licensed Broker Associate for Keller Williams Realty. A property valuation is not an appraisal and is not intended to replace an actual appraisal. The methods of valuation are based on the information provided and are intended for property owners to gain perspective on what a property could potentially be listed for in today's market. For additional information please call +1 (850) 499-2239 or email