ADAM J. STAHURA loves speaking engagements and educational seminars. He has done many educational seminars and speaking engagements for a wide range of clients.

His speaking career started in Orlando, where he taught and developed courses for The Apartment Association of Greater Orlando (AAGO). The courses he taught ranged from sales and marketing to accredited courses with the National Apartment Association. He developed courses specializing in "No Cost Marketing" and online marketing. His lively personality and mix of education and motivation are what keep people and students interested in his speeches.

He has worked with groups of peers to develop live presentations for new and small businesses seeking strategic planning and marketing development. His technical knowledge, marketing proficiencies, and fun attitude make him a great fit for many different educational seminars and speaking engagements.

ADAM J. STAHURA is now offering Inspirational and Motivational speaking engagements as well. His life story and experiences encourage listeners to overcome all odds. After being hit by a freight train, he lost everything: job, relationships, house, savings, and his leg. Through a positive mindset and determination he was able to overcome all the obstacles in his way and lead a meaningful and exciting life. In his speeches he talks about the limiting believes we all live with and allow to dictate our lives. He discusses how others can place limiting beliefs on us and how we can make the choice to break these limiting beliefs.

Published Works

ADAM J. STAHURA has written news articles, blogs, and is working on publishing his first book.

News Articles

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